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Course 2021/2022



7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.


Francisco J Soriano

 Let us explain what Youth Kung Fu is  (Cadets)


The progression in children's groups is constant. His evolution surprises even the oldest. It is important to adapt the demands of study and practice to the capacities and potentialities of this age.

Although it is an age segment that is beginning to feel many concerns about other sports, study or leisure areas, we always insist that within the framework of the traditional practice that we propose, all these elements are found in abundance.

The students of the youth Kung Fu group train longer and more intensely than the children's groups that preceded them. It is a stage in which the demand increases without losing sight of the fact that we must be a counterweight to the enormous external pressure that they begin to feel in the field of their education and society in general.

This sensitivity has allowed us to project a model of practice that is demanding but friendly, ambitious but patient, and disciplined but understanding for a stage that is beginning to present its first visible contradictions.

The training and practice program for young people includes sporting and recreational aspects, as well as social and personal ones. To do this, many of the participants in this learning group are part of the school's competition team and actively participate in support and supervision of events related to the little ones.

This interaction of ages allows a continuous line of work in which the natural potentials of the smallest and those of the young enter into symbiosis, improving all the aspects of both age segments.

This module is, without a doubt, the take-off ramp to enter the integral martial practice.

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