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We are the first center specialized in children's martial training in the field of traditional Chinese disciplines in Malaga. Innovative programs, a teaching experience uninterrupted 20 years and more than 500 graduate students endorse us.

Our philosophy is different. We train martially for the healthy, balanced and happy maturity of our children's students.  


Safety, mobility, functionality, emotional intelligence and responsible socialization are long-term goals that start with a simple step now: study and practice martial arts.


We invite you to get to know our project and to encourage you to participate in it with enthusiasm, illusion and satisfaction. 


meaningful effort

The reward and punishment formula, logically ruled out, has given way to another no less mistaken one based on adult programming of the simplest paths so that minors do not have the opportunity to make mistakes.


The programming of the training of monitors in this field must be designed in a synergistic way so that the theoretical subjects addressed have an immediate practical reflection in the established sessions.


We want you to know in detail our teaching approach to martial arts in the children's segment. 


Each age segment has different needs and potentials. We explain how we have organized it.

Teaching support material

If you are missing any of our support materials, write to us and we will prepare it for you as soon as possible.

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