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Wushu University _  was born as a project for a higher school for teaching martial arts from the Sports Club of Kung Fu Kan Li  founded  in the year 2004  by professors Francisco José Soriano and Jorge Soriano.


After completing the fundamental training in the field of Kung Fu Málaga School, the natural and decisive step in martial learning is specialization.  In all areas of study, upward progression in knowledge is essential. In martial practice,  this progression occurs with a deepening of knowledge and an improvement in learning, practice and communication skills  concretized in the specific areas that arouse the most interest to the martial artist.

To address this process of specialization and deepening, a serious program is necessary, well designed and directed by the best technicians in each specialty. This is Wushu University.

Our school is linked to some of the best national and international teachers of different Chinese martial styles, both internal and external. From them becomes a framework of knowledge and practice of high level and proven teaching effectiveness. Pedagogical innovation , own study materials, approved qualifications, specific facilities and a study program with 4 basic approaches:

  • Superior grade

  • Teaching

  • Arbitration

  • Sports training

Our degree program covers a wide range of styles and modalities, both sports and traditional. Teaching requires specific training that we project through courses for teachers. Quality refereeing is the key to an effective, safe and guaranteeing sports activity. Sports technification also requires knowledge adapted from martial practice to the setting of the competition. In short, Wushu University covers the entire spectrum of progression within the fascinating cultural and sports legacy of Wushu.

We consolidate our work of disseminating Chinese martial arts through face-to-face teaching, online, training courses, monographic seminars, practice concentrations and exhibitions,  with a constant section of study and research work  of the different styles of Kung Fu.  

A project for their own students or for advanced students from other schools who want to go further in the practice of 21st century Wushu.


Frank Soriano

Traditional and sports Kung Fu teacher


We push ourselves to the maximum to give the best in the art of teaching. The work is immense but fundamental today more than ever.

Jorge Soriano

Professor of

Traditional and sports Kung Fu


Self-defense as a method of self-construction is invaluable.

olympus_02_2017 184.JPG
Ismael Subiri
Professor of 
Duan Bing

Control of distance and speed is the key to correct tactics.

olympus_02_2017 113.JPG
Juan Antonio Bolívar
Professor of 
Traditional and sports Kung Fu

The true Kung Fu is in the development of its bases and traditional foundations

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