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Course 2021/2022





4:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.



16:30 _  at 17:30



Francisco J Soriano

 Let us explain what is Kung Fu Play (Pre Kung Fu)


The ideal practice group to get started in Chinese martial arts is, without a doubt, Kung Fu Play. Our approach to children's Kung Fu, especially in this age segment from 5 to 7 years old, is fundamentally based on models of play and fun closely linked to the functional patterns of Kung Fu.

Each educational proposal has been designed based on a special content program, a program for the little ones to enjoy learning, interacting, developing their natural qualities and abilities in a friendly, safe and fun setting.

The initial experience has a very important weight in the body memory of the future martial artist. Working the most fundamental bases in this playful framework will make them integrate naturally into their movement and their way of interpreting martial practice.

More than 20 uninterrupted years of child training endorse our exclusive method of initiation. Many of our adult students started with us at the age of four or five and today, 15 years later, they continue to attend our sessions and see traditional martial practice as another contribution to their lives; as a real need to maintain balance between mind and body in an increasingly complex, accelerated and competitive world.

Without exams, with continuous training and an individual progression guide, the monitoring and training model guarantees a high standard of development in harmony with the rest of the aspects of the natural life of children.

Without competitions, but with the game as a challenge and a well-defined objective, we work on such subtle aspects as sensory perception, proprioception, reflexes and the entire psychomotor spectrum that has so much to contribute to the cognitive and emotional development of the little ones.

Values such as friendship, sincerity or respect are part of our vocabulary, some words that appear in our games, in our stories and in many of the concepts that we shuffle session after session.

The best way to start this adventure is, without a doubt, Kung Fu Play.

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