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The sports area of Wushu University

Wushu University,  Through the Kan Li Sports Club , it actively participates in provincial, regional, national and international competitions in the sports field of the National Association of Chinese Martial Arts Clubs and the Spanish Coalition of Wushu Kung Fu.


Wu Zone is the sports structure of our school. It is made up of 3 coordinated teams:  

  1. Technical team: Coaches, specialists, referees and trainers.

  2. Logistics team: Administrative assistance, physical recovery, advice, material resources  and logistics, sponsorship and organization tasks, etc.

  3. Competition team: Athletes and sports assistants, 

The functionality and coordination tasks are managed through the General Coordination Protocol , as well as its specific adaptations for the characteristics of each competition that our athletes attend.

The internal organization and coordination is carried out based on the sports programming of the year in relation to the Unionwushu and CEWK sports calendar.

Our competitors are divided into 3 levels of organization related to their sporting experience and the scope of the sporting event in which they compete. For each level of organization we establish a series of training requirements and specific conditions that guarantee the best sports performance in each case.

  • Level 1 ( Base Competitor ) : Competitors who have never participated in a competition  and prepare for their first sporting event. Their preparation is carried out within the framework of the usual training sessions, focusing on the work for the competition in the pre-competitive period of the cycle in which they are.

  • Level 2 ( Training Competitor ): They are competitors who have already participated in tests at the provincial and regional level. Its preparation, in addition to the one carried out specifically within the framework of the classes, has a monthly meeting of technification and evaluation for the improvement of sports performance.

  • Level 3 ( Sport Competitor ): They are competitors who prepare for national tests. In the case of participating in international tests, these competitors enter a specific preparation program (PPE) in which a specialized assistance team participates in the tests on which the training is focused. Competitors at this level have a complementary periodized training program personalized for their individual preparation. They also have weekly attendance at technification sessions and permanent monitoring by the Zona Wu technical team.

Enrollment in Zona Wu is voluntary for all its teams, both for technical assistance and for athletes. There are many Wushu Kung Fu practitioners who do not wish to compete and we fully respect this decision. Zona Wu is a support framework for those students who want to participate in competitions with guarantees  security, level and organization.

The usual competition categories are:

  • traditional wushu

  • Sports or modern wushu

  • Sanda/Qingda

  • taijiquan

  • tui shou

  • Duan Bing (fencing)

These categories, with the exception of Sanda/Qingda and Tui Shou, have weapons and empty hand modalities, fight choreography and group exercises.

The contact modalities can be full contact or semi contact. The Tui Shou  it can be done on a fixed foot or on a mobile foot .


The  Sports training calendar is established in the month of October of each year and is communicated on the school bulletin board. In the month of September, the different coordinated teams are organized and established to determine their functions in the annual sports project. This annual sports project will contain:

  • Annual test schedule

  • Definition of the logistics team

  • Sports team selection

  • Definition of the technical team

  • Annual training calendar

  • Special periodization for level 3

  • General and specific economic project for tests

  • Logistics structure of resources and care organization

  • Informative and communication management structure

All team members must have their sports license in  rule to participate in these tests.


In this section you can consult the results obtained in each event, as well as additional information on the participation of Zona Wu in each event.

It is organized by years and by competitions. You just have to click on each event and you will be able to access the information that we have dumped about it.






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