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The first contact between the school and the student is very important. So much so that we dedicate a specific space and time for this first contact.

Practicing martial arts and developing your potential entails great social and personal responsibility.

Martial practice delves into the personal exploration of our primary survival instincts and educates them by providing tools for their effective control in situations of unforeseen reaction, or that entail a risk to people's health.

We assume this responsibility when teaching and fully respect the recommendations of the old masters to teach only good people with a sincere interest in improving themselves and redounding their achievements in a fairer and healthier society.

Our interview is fundamentally focused on getting to know the person, exchanging impressions about being interested in our teachings and deciding, ultimately, the mutual convenience of starting this type of training.

It is an informal interview, calm and with the questions that anyone with common sense would ask someone who is going to develop a combat potential higher than usual.

After the interview we inform the applicant if it is appropriate or not to attend a trial training session.

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