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The main objective of the Tui Shou school is to address the study, practice and development of push hands skills, from its foundations to its technical and tactical approaches, applicable to the martial art of Taijiquan.  

These objectives are developed through a program of studies and progressive comprehensive practice, to achieve a high degree of technical internalization and functional ability. These qualities are essential to be able to participate in competitive events of this fascinating modality.


With our progressive program you will be able to increase your potential to be able to tackle this type of sporting event.


The content structure is organized progressively and in two blocks:

  • Fixed Foot Push Hands

  • push hands walk  mobile

For the development of the objectives for each of these two contexts, we will develop the bases and structural and dynamic foundations of sports Tui Shou. In a complementary way, we will study how these skills allow to provide martial applicability to Taijiquan techniques to take them to San Shou.

The technical, tactical and strategic study of Tui Shou will also be addressed from fundamental exercises to complex combat actions, insisting on the sports parameters of the system for its integration and evolution according to the competitive regulations.



training model

The sessions will take place every Friday from 19:00 to 20:30. In them we will address the physical preparation, the bases and fundamentals, the technical study and the different combat exercises that will allow us to gradually increase the level of effectiveness in its application. 

teaching team

The entire program has been designed by the Wushu University team of teachers based on the traditional and sports Tuishou of the Wu, Yang and Chen styles. A multidisciplinary team that includes university experts in sports training, certified national Wushu teachers, competitors and professionals of martial teaching of Wushu for more than 25 years.

enrollment instructions

To register, it is necessary to fill in the pre-registration form in which all the necessary sections for the formalization of the registration are detailed. Once completed, a Wushu University technician will contact the interested party by telephone to confirm the registration and provide all the necessary information for their training organization.

The price of the activity is €40/month. Students who want to participate in competitions and be part of the 8+5 team must register with Unionwushu to have a license for competitions and for complementary training of the National Association of Chinese Martial Arts Clubs.

The specific annual program will be delivered directly to the student at the time of enrollment with the details of the content per module accessed.

Students will have access to the practice support platform with different multimedia content and documentaries to deepen their practice and study.

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