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«The Origin of beings is in what has no form and its end in the immutable. Whoever understands this and penetrates it to the bottom, nothing in the world can stop him. It will be located at the right point, hidden in the skein without ends  and will travel to the beginning and end of the ten thousand beings. It will unify your nature, feed your Qi, embrace your original virtue, and thus you will be able to communicate with the cosmic creation. Such a man will retain the integrity of his heavenly nature and his spirit will not show cracks."


The book of perfect emptiness

This ancient system of personal growth was defined hundreds of years ago in a context very different from the current one in the field of Taoist schools. They did so based on a deep knowledge of the energetic structure of the human being, of the different spiritual manifestations that make it up and of the need for a balanced internal climate to enjoy good general health that would allow them to achieve their spiritual goals.

These balance and circulation patterns are described in the classic texts of Traditional Chinese Medicine, giving shape to a philosophy of vital practice that has remained in force to this day.

We can literally translate Nei Gong as "inner work". By using this term in a general way, we are grouping in a single definition a set of procedures and techniques designed to act on three fundamental aspects of the human being. The ancient masters of the Tao called them the three treasures or San Bao : Qi, Jing and Shen . It is common for these three elements to be translated as energy, essence and spirit.


The Nei Gong, as a procedure, responds to a need of the Tao seeker. The Taoist alchemical vision is based on a search for longevity and spiritual purity through a subtle transmutation of the energies that make up the being, from the grossest to the most subtle. To achieve this, different models of action are articulated, both physical and mental, which allow us to bring balance to the circulation of our different energy systems.

Physical stimulation, movement, breathing or meditation are some of the fields of work that are addressed under this name. The importance of body awareness is essential to understand our body, its messages and the positive or negative nature of the sensations we perceive on a daily basis. We are very sensitive beings who, by dint of being in aggressive environments, petrify ourselves by ceasing to live life from a subtle harmony to shield ourselves in a limiting way against the inclemencies of our time.

Understanding life requires that deep understanding of being and its relationship with the environment on which we depend so much. Only a life with meaning provides us with real satisfaction for the simple and transcendent fact of living.


For this reason, a philosophy such as the Taoist, whose basis is the fusion of the human being with his real nature, without discarding his relationship with heaven and earth, does not exclude the most subtle elements of our perception, exterior and interior, to amplify our vital consciousness and correct any deep deviation of our being.

Approaching the study of the Tao is, in a way, approaching reality without fantasies, discovering its magic, our transcendence and the value of conscious life as an indisputable miracle of the universe.

We use Nei Gong to help in this growth process. Through a continuous practice of 3 hours, we make a punctual journey through all the processes of this plot, activating our energy movement, breathing, meditating and becoming aware of everything that we are in a single vital element that brings together these three treasures that we mentioned. at first.

If you are interested in knowing this model of life, these habits bequeathed by monks, mystics and scholars, we invite you to join our practice group every Friday from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. at the Fluxus center, a space that hosts our project for this inner practice module. In these sessions, in an environment of calm and serenity, we will learn the different routines to balance our Qi, strengthen it and progressively transmute it through the different breathing and meditative exercises offered by the Taoist tradition.

The session is divided into six different segments in which we progress from the most external to the most internal of us, without losing the connection of these two extremes of our being.


With breaks and talks about the specifics and issues that may come up during the sessions, we mature into a continuous experience where we can reach real depths of self-awareness.

The practice is completely guided, it does not require more learning than the one that will be installed naturally in our life habits and it does not require special physical preparation. Will, patience and perseverance are the pillars of any inner practice.

If you want to explore these interior territories with us, we will be happy to help you in this search with the traditional Nei Gong tools.

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