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How to be

student of

Kan Li?


of contact and entry for adults



1.- Request the authorization interview for the test session

Our school does not directly admit anyone interested in Kung Fu. It is necessary to carry out an interview beforehand in which the characteristics and interests of the aspiring student are detailed.


Our practice implies an important commitment to society and humanity. We do not want to train people whose character or tendencies could lead to the unfair or disproportionate use of the self-defense tools that we teach.


For this, an interview is held with the interested party to get to know him initially before accepting his access to the TEST SESSION. In this interview, the relevant data is collected for the appropriate legal checks and a date for the test session is provided, if applicable. The request can be made directly at the offices of the Center at C/ Paco Miranda 1 (Málaga) or by e-mail to

2.- Approved your attendance, go to the test session according to the instructions provided in the interview

A single training session can serve to make contact with the group and perceive the training model per session that we develop in the training room at the prescribed time.


3.- After this test session, the interested party can register if they wish for an initial period of one month in which the student agrees to attend at least 80% of the training sessions for the month.

The commitment to training has to be fixed from the beginning of practice. The effective practice of martial arts depends entirely on the quantity and quality of training performed. If the level of commitment to training does not reach an acceptable minimum, it is preferable that the time of the student, the teacher and the rest of the members of the school is not wasted uselessly.


4.- Once this period has elapsed, and in the event that both parties decide to continue with the training, they will be given the information regarding the training structure of the school and they will be registered as a student enrolled in the training center for the learning of our school's traditional Chinese martial arts training program.


At that time, the student is formally enrolled in our school's training program, which involves annual training/apprenticeship periods equivalent to a school year (11 months). For more information, access the detail of practice levels indicated on this website.


Wushu University ® always reserves the right to stop teaching people whose attitude or tendencies show a wrong development of the fundamental principles of martial arts. The practice must always be constructive for the student and for the society in which he participates, contributing, to the extent of his possibilities, to guarantee peace, coexistence and the development of the values that we will describe in the following sections.



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