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The first schematic division that we make in the contents of the school focuses on defining the styles that we intend to teach, starting from a series of fundamental premises corresponding to what are, in essence, the general characteristics of Chinese martial arts.

This initial subdivision is determined by the in/out approaches or external and internal models, represented in our stylistic axis as Hung Gar Kuen for the model of practice approached from the external and Taijiquan  for the model of practice approached from the internal.

We address the second level of subdivision of each of these two sections based on age and their peculiar pedagogical needs. This derives from the natural evolutionary progression of art through training duly scheduled over time.


The breakdown and hierarchy of its contents allows us to achieve an easy, affordable introduction with solid foundations for the remaining phases of progression within the program.


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This training group planned for the age of 5 to 7 years is based on making the little ones see the practice as a fun, constructive moment, which brings them happiness and meaning at the moment. Feeling gratifying memories associated with practice in this age period is an element of subconscious motivation that in the future will be revealed as one of the axes of meaning of healthy practice and self-knowledge.

For this, we resort, as in later modules, to batteries of games implemented on the basis of observation that each session gives us, always within a framework prepared with a multitude of resources.

The use of recreational elements, toys, stories, music, etc., is essential to maintain the student's positive emotional attraction to the activity, always reflecting in them the spirit that we want to project from the activity.

For this, the teacher must undress himself of negative emotions before the session and mentally resort to his responsibility as a point of projection of intentions on minors.


It is essential that we do not contribute anything negative to our structure and that, on the contrary, we provide real, sincere and optimistic images of the encounter with them.


Without discrimination, without judgement, without ever forgetting that we have in our activity the most sensitive element of what it means to be human. This should help us to feel the deep respect they deserve, the care in dealing with them and the language we use to come into contact with them and  the delicacy of gestural, physical, verbal and emotional communication that they deserve.

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This training group planned for the age of 8  to 12 years has as its main foundation the creation of the structural and technical bases of the style and the direct teaching of Hung Gar Kuen at the initial and intermediate level.

In this phase, the foundations of adult training are laid and one of its objectives is the progressive, healthy, motivating and personalized preparation for adult personal practice as a model of balanced, healthy and happy life.

The body adaptation, the development of agility and strength, the improvement of reflexes and the contextual adaptation of the actions practiced in the forms in this segment begin to be reflected here in models that already point towards the ultimate goal of combat within the field. technical.

At this age, the competitive part is very stimulating but requires optimal management of the victory and defeat processes, which is why any competition model developed on any basis must be established with optimal objectives related to the teaching objectives of the school. Competition should never be an end in itself and should help students improve at all levels regardless of whether they win or lose.

It is a complicated period of exponential leap in the student's interests that must be correctly managed with stimuli that allow him to redirect the impulses that begin to occur from the beginning to the end of this age segment.


In short, a gateway to style with a perfectly modulated program so that adherence to training and the habit of practicing are part of the fundamental interests of the student.

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GROUP OF 13  at 15  YEARS


This training group is planned for ages between  13 and the  fifteen  years.


We are in a period of life in which the personal interests of the students are in a transition that is difficult to define;  Many things are transforming internally and with great force.


From hormonal changes to new circumstances of study and social relationships, even more so today,   it becomes essential to give a new approach to the  training model to provide answers to the many questions that have just appeared.  

At this age the functionality is complete and the level of understanding of the student allows him to learn and understand the content and meaning of what he learns.  at a much deeper level than in the previous stages.  ​


It is time to intensify workloads but with all the meaning conferred by the perception of physical capacities in their maximum expressions.


Work on strength, agility, speed and power finds its meaning in the dynamism of sports combat.


Art begins to outline its most complex edges and it is time to approach them from the motivating potential that this environment of regulated and understood competition offers us to do so.  

This is, in short, the preparation course for adult practice to which students who show the appropriate level to access it are integrated.

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